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The Idea

Online shopping is growing every day, and we can agree on this being the future. However the internet is a dangerous place, and it can be very hard to decide what is genuine and what’s not. Also, the huge selection of product makes very hard to decide what to buy when you are in the front of your laptop. This is the reason why review websites are so popular and well needed.

However there is a huge and also popular niche where you can hardly find trusted reviews: Health and Fitness! There are tons of products, and it is a more and more desired segment where people start to buy more and more frequently.

The realization of this truth led to our concept and the creation of this website.

Our Mission

We can call ourselves successful when we bring valuable information to our readers on a daily basis and we provide a platform where people can get ideas what to buy without risking their health or money.

Our mission is to provide trustworthy information and to help people making a good decision every time they want to purchase a health product or service.

Our Story

Yet to be written… 🙂

Meet the Team

Daniel Marthi

Founder and Health Enthuziast

A healthy lifestyle was always important to me as I used to play basketball for more than 10 years in the past. Training 3-5 times a week, boot camps, game nights in the weekends. I got used to this lifestyle and even after finished my “career” in sports, health remained my passion.

The creation of this website is the combination of two of my hobbies: health and website creation. I have big plans with this website and I hope I can help a lot of people with valuable information.

I want to make this place as open as I can, and I hope that we will have not just a writer-reader relationship, but we will also have meaningful discussions.

Check Daniel’s profile HERE.

Debbie Holman

Content writer – Dietitian

I qualified as a dietitian back in 2010 and since have gained experience in a range of clinical areas – both in acute hospitals and the community. I have most recently been training student dietitians in Malta and have started studying towards a Masters degree in Advancing Healthcare Practice

I have extensive experience in a range of nutritional and medical problems, with a particular interest in the Health at Every Size approach, mental health, mindfulness, health promotion, sports nutrition among many others!

I aim to bring reliable, useful and informative articles around food, nutrition and health to The Health Hub and hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

Check Debbie’s profile HERE.

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Researcher – Reviews

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Product Tester – Reviews

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If you have any kind of question or advice, please feel free to contact us (me).

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